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New York Coffee Break Vending Trailer

New York Coffee Break

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800 Buy Cart New York Coffee Break Vending Trailer

Keeps your profits perkin!
The New York Coffee Break Vending Trailer is designed to sell large quantities of coffee, Baked goods, and juices as fast as the city crowd demands! Easy-to-maneuver and easy-to-clean.  Made from Stainless Steel, this trailer helps bring your product to your customers daily! Hand crafted in our New York City Factory making us proud to say: “Made in America”!  Our factory staff is committed to welding, building and assembling the best vending units, ice cream cart, and hot dog carts, we can for our customer’s ultimate satisfaction.

Among our most famous products were the Original Good Humor Ice Cream Tricycle. Seen in neighborhoods throughout the country with the “Ice Cream Man” jingling his chime bells surrounded by kids, these classic cycles were such an integral part of “Americana”. Our legacy also includes the Admar line of Hot Dog Carts, the very first manufacturer of all Stainless Steel Carts. Admar Carts appeared on almost every NYC street corner for several decades.

Today we make a complete selection of mobile food vending equipment. Many well respected international food companies utilize our carts for street vending, sampling programs, brand building, stadium vending and much more.
Please call us at 800-Buy-Cart to discuss your requirements for carts, trailers kiosks or trucks.   Worksman Cycles making tricycles, vending units, ice cream carts and hot dog vending carts since 1898.

New York Coffee Break features include:

  • Only 6 1/2 ft x 3 1/2 ft. footprint
  • All Stainless Steel tubing frame
  • Stainless Steel sides and canopy
  • Stainless Steel display shelves
  • 14″ vent roof
  • Gas strut locking window canopy cover
  • Sliding entry door for easy access
  • Slip off locking swivel casters for towing
  • Cecilware™ MP0606 vented coffee urn
  • Optional stove available
  • Dimensions: 78″ x 42″ x 78″
  • Weight: 590 lbs.

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