Worksman Trading Corp.,  is the parent company of 800 Buy Cart and Worksman Cycles.  We are the oldest cycle manufacturer in America, established in 1898 in New York City.  In fact, the original Worksman facility was located on the very footprint of the World Trade Center.

Worksman has been the leading manufacturer of Industrial Cycles for decades.   We supply the U.S. Military, leading manufacturing companies and small businesses across America and the globe. Legendary models include the iconic Good Humor Ice Cream Cart, the NYC Pizza Delivery Bike and our Industrial Tricycles.

800 Buy Cart Vending was created when Worksman Trading purchased Admar Vending in the 1990’s.  Admar, established in 1946, was the originator of the New York City all Stainless Steel Hot Dog Cart. Its carts established the New York street food industry and have remained an iconic feature of the “Big Apple.”

800 Buy Cart is the undisputed leader offering the finest vending units for virtually any food product. We custom build pushcarts, cycles, fully enclosed kiosks, food trucks and restaurant quality mobile kitchens.

What Sets 800 Buy Cart Apart

Our Vending Units are made in our 100,000 square foot facility in New York City which occupies an entire city block in Queens.  Our staff of Master Craftsmen have been here for decades.   Working beside sons and relatives, therefore, they are proud to be part of our century old heritage.  Heritage that is not only passed down through generations of workers, but through our management as well.  800 Buy Cart  is still a family-owned and operated business with the original families of Worksman Trading and Admar Vending still running our business.

The Company We Keep

At 800 Buy Cart, we are most proud to have helped thousands of people create their own business and support their families.  Therefore, many of these entrepreneurs have expanded to include other family members or have passed on their business to a child.  As a result, these customers have counted on us to be there for them and know we will.

Furthermore, we proudly manufacture vending units for the following leading companies :

  • Nathan’s Hot Dogs
  • Good Humor Ice Cream
  • Vitamin Water
  • Sabrett
  • Sobe
  • Hebrew National 

As a result, our vending units aren’t just on the street, they are  in supermarkets, arenas, stadiums, fairs, street events, and exhibitions.   Due to our reputation, the World’s leading organizations TRUST 800 Buy Cart to Do The Job Right!

They’re Talking About Us

Most note worthy, we have been featured in stories on CNN, ABC World News, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Financial News, National Public Radio, the BBC, Crain’s and New York Business.  Why would you even consider buying your vending unit from anyone else?  Finally, to see our entire line of tricycles and movers at Worksman Cycles