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250 Series: Classic “Coney Island” Wooden Wheel Hot Dog Cart

Starting at 8,500.00
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The 250 Series Classic Coney Island Wooden Wheel Hot Dog Cart, brings the “good old times” nostalgic look to a fully modern Stainless Steel Hot Dog Cart. Perfect for the boardwalk, vacation areas, fairgrounds, historic downtown settings or as the center piece of a party.

While the 250 Series is all about good times, it’s still one hard-working cart.  Made in our New York City factory it features professional grade Stainless Steel, a hand-welded body that will keep on serving up the good times for years! Our legacy also includes the Admar line of Hot Dog Carts, the very first manufacturer of all Stainless Steel Carts. Admar Carts appeared on almost every NYC street corner for several decades.

Today we make a complete selection of mobile food vending equipment. Many well respected international food companies utilize our carts for street vending, sampling programs, brand building, stadium vending and much more.

Our 250 Series features include:

  • Full Stainless Steel body with heavy duty welded construction
  • Large umbrella with graphics
  • Genuine wooden wheels
  • Genuine wooden handles
  • 8″ Locking swivel caster
  • 200 Hot dog and bun capacity
  • 50 Soda can capacity
  • Fully Insulated Cooking area with:
    • 1-Hot Dog Tray: 1/2 pan, 6″ deep with hinged cover
    • 1-Roll Pan: 1/3 pan, 6″ deep with hinged cover
    • 2-Hot Condiment pans
    • 2-1/4 Quart round pans
    • 2-Full length shelves
    • 1-Large display showcase
    • 1-Splash guard
    • 1-Bun steamer
    • 1-Serving fork
    • 1-Large mustard pot with serving stick top
    • 1-Napkin dispenser
    • 1-Garbage can
    • 1-Key lockable storage compartment
  • 56.5″ x 35.5″ x 53.5″ Weight: 225 lbs.


Hot Dog Cart Heat Source Guide :

Style Heat Source
A Stemo
B One propane gas burner with two 4.25 Ib tanks.
C Two propane gas burner with two 4.25 Ib tanks.
D Double electric unit: 110V – 8amp

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