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250 Series: Classic “Coney Island” Wooden Wheel Hot Dog Cart

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The 250 Series brings the “good old times” nostalgic look to a fully modern Stainless Steel Hot Dog Cart. Perfect for the boardwalk, vacation areas, fairgrounds, historic downtown settings or as the center piece of a party.

While the 250 Series is all about good times, it’s still one hard-working cart.  Made in our New York City factory it features a professional grade Stainless Steel, hand-welded body that will keep on serving up the good times for years!

The 250 Series includes:

  • Full Stainless Steel body with heavy duty welded construction
  • Large umbrella with graphics
  • Genuine wooden wheels
  • Genuine wooden handles
  • 8″ Locking swivel caster
  • 200 Hot dog and bun capacity
  • 50 Soda can capacity
  • Fully Insulated Cooking area with:
    • 1-Hot Dog Tray: 1/2 pan, 6″ deep with hinged cover
    • 1-Roll Pan: 1/3 pan, 6″ deep with hinged cover
    • 2-Hot Condiment pans
    • 2-1/4 Quart round pans
    • 2-Full length shelves
    • 1-Large display showcase
    • 1-Splash guard
    • 1-Bun steamer
    • 1-Serving fork
    • 1-Large mustard pot with serving stick top
    • 1-Napkin dispenser
    • 1-Garbage can
    • 1-Key lockable storage compartment
  • 56.5″ x 35.5″ x 53.5″ Weight: 225 lbs.

Model A Sterno (holds —- oz. cans)

Model B One propane gas burner with two 4.25 lbs. tanks.

Model C Two propane gas burners with two 4.25 lbs tanks.


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