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V-M94-IIP Italian Ice Push Cart

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Our 800 Buy Cart Model V-M94-IIP is just what you need for Italian Ices or Water Ices! Built sturdy and tough, Worksman/800 Buy Carts Ice Cream Carts have been the industry standard since the beginning of the 20th century. Our standard model carts shown below continue to be the most popular units both with the the local street vendor and corporate client.
Among our most famous products were the Original Good Humor Ice Cream Tricycle. Seen in neighborhoods throughout the country with the “Ice Cream Man” jingling his chime bells surrounded by kids, these classic cycles were such an integral part of “Americana”. Our legacy also includes the Admar line of Hot Dog Carts, the very first manufacturer of all Stainless Steel Carts. Admar Carts appeared on almost every NYC street corner for several decades.

Today we make a complete selection of mobile food vending equipment. Many well respected international food companies utilize our carts for street vending, sampling programs, brand building, stadium vending and much more.

The 800 Buy Cart Model V-M94-IIP features includes:

  • Holdover type units uses no dry ice
  • Plug in at night stays cold all day
  • Single & double flip top door for easy access
  • Heavy duty domestic compressor for long life
  • All Stainless Steel liner for easy cleaning
  • Built in clean out drain
  • Our exclusive extra large, heavy duty Worksman™ 26″ mag wheels with color choice
  • Exterior cabinet dimensions 43″ x 30″ x 32″
  • Interior space: eight cubic feet

Custom Options Available:

  • Custom Graphics Package

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