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V-DDIPS Large Ice Cream Pushcart with Single Flip Top Door

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800 Buy Cart V-DDIPS Ice Cream Cart

The V-DDIPS Ice Cream Cart is a larger version of our pushcart version of Ice Cream Cart V-IPS.  So you can PUSH your way to profits!  12 cubic foot jumbo sized capacity insulated Stainless Steel cabinet mounted onto the famous Worksman Cycle pushcart chassis featuring WTC 20″ side wheels with Nev-r-fail solid rubber tires and locking front caster.  Includes a Napkin/storage compartment by the handlebars. Holds 8 five gallon containers, this pushcart is designed for use with Dry-Ice to keep Ice Cream Novelties holds 45 dozen individual servings, ready to serve all day.  Removable flip top door has a  20″ x 10″ opening.  Freight additional.

Cabinet dimensions are 46 x 26 x 28″ high

Among our most famous products were the Original Good Humor Ice Cream Tricycle. Seen in neighborhoods throughout the country with the “Ice Cream Man” jingling his chime bells surrounded by kids, these classic cycles were such an integral part of “Americana”.

The 800 Buy Cart V-DDIPS features include:

    • 12 cubic foot insulated Stainless Steel cabinet
    • Mounted onto the famous Worksman pushcart chassis
    • Featuring WTC 20″ side wheels with Nev-r-fail solid rubber tires and locking front caster
    • Includes a Napkin/storage compartment by handlebars.
    • Door opening is 20″ x 10″ (Removable flip top door)
    • Has rectangular, 20″ x 10″ removable flip-top door opening

The following Custom Options are available:

      • Ice Cream Chime Bells
      • Dry Ice Shelf
      • Umbrella
      • Umbrella Bracket

The V-DDIPS is available with a trailer conversion package, call to discuss your custom options: 800-BUY-CART (800-289-2278).

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