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V-ICT Ice Cream Tricycle

V-ICT Ice Cream Tricycle

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 800 Buy Cart V-ICT Ice Cream Tricycle

This classic vending trike with EXCLUSIVE snap-shut 10″ x 10″ door is based on our ICONIC GOOD HUMOR TRIKE, circa 1940s.  Our 800 Buy Cart / Workman Cycles V-ICT Ice Cream Tricycle has been a staple in neighborhoods for years.

Remember the jing-a-ling of the ice cream bells as the local “ice cream man’ rode through your neighborhood?  Well chances are, he was riding a made in New York City Worksman Tricycle. These cycles are super durable and naturally require no fuel, emit no fumes and are fun to ride.  Worksman Cycles started manufacturing our classic Front Load Ice Cream Tricycles more than 75 years ago.  It all started when the Good Humor Company wanted to get their products out to neighborhoods and come to us to for help.  The rest is history as these classic vehicles have become a part of our American culture.

Made to last durability

The front cabinet on the model V-ICT is an insulated stainless steel box measuring 36″ x 23″ x 28″ on the outside, thickly insulated with a snap shut air-tight 10″ x 10″ door,  and a dry shelf inside to hold dry ice.   A handy exterior compartment is standard for storing napkins or other items. Using dry ice, these vehicles are ideal for vending pre-packaged novelty ice cream. All Dry Ice models come with a drain for easy interior cleaning. Today, Worksman/800 Buy Cart Ice Cream Tricycles are in use in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Whether you are seeking a single ice cream trike to start a small business or require a fleet to expand your business, call us at 800-BUY-CART (outside the USA Call 718 322 2003) so we can assist you in planning your purchase. Ships via common carrier truck, additional freight charges apply. Note- The V-ICT shown is equipped with optional welded mag wheels.

V-ICT features include:

  • For pre-packaged novelties
  • Holds 30 dozen units
  • Built in dry ice shelf
  • Built in clean out drain
  • Exterior compartment is standard for storing napkins or other items
  • Thickly insulated with a snap shut air-tight 10″ x 10″ door
  • Tight seal locking snap shut door-a Worksman exclusive!!
  • Exterior cabinet dimensions 36″ x 23″ x 28″
  • Interior space: eight cubic feet

Custom Options Available

  • Custom Frame Color
  • Brass Tuned Chime Bells
  • Umbrella
  • Umbrella Bracket
  • Tire Upgrade
  • Tube Upgrade
  • Tube Liner Insert
  • Tire Selant
  • Front Wheels Upgrade
  • Multi-speed Gearing
  • Front Fender Upgrage
  • Parking Brake
  • Saddle Upgrade
  • Front Sprocket
  • Custom Graphics Package

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